Full-Service Attendee Management

Full-Service Attendee Management

The Cash Witthaus Attendee Management Division registers over 250,000 attendees annually. This devision is the cornerstone of our operation and provides prospective attendees the first perception of your event. Our attentive database team will custom design your registration website and interface directly with your attendees before, during and after your event. Our registration division prides themselves in their quality of service and ability to lay the foundation for a successful meeting, starting with the invitation.

  • Online registration
  • Customized registration websites
  • Dedicated call center personnel
  • On-site registration management
  • Event confirmations
  • Personalized email communication
  • Accommodation and room block management
  • Travel organization with air and ground transportation
  • Customized attendee reports to capture specific data including attendance, demographics, social activity interest, dietary and special needs
  • Daily RSVP reports
  • Secure credit card processing

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